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Chinook Rehab Centre Offers Shockwave Therapy in Calgary!

Healing from an injury can be a difficult, painful, and prolonged process, but it doesn’t have to be. With comprehensive and reliable shockwave therapy in Calgary, you can return to form quickly. Shockwave therapy is the non-surgical cure for many physical conditions, including jumper’s knee, chronic pain, shoulder pain, tennis elbow, and more. It’s particularly effective at treating areas where tissue is attached to the bone, such as the elbow, shoulder, heel, and knee.

Shockwave Therapy in Calgary

Shockwave Therapy is a relatively new therapy for the Canadian healthcare system as it was introduced in 1997. However, since its introduction, it has quickly become a staple in the medical industry due to the relatively painless procedure.

But what is shockwave therapy?

It’s a non-invasive treatment that promotes accelerated healing via a series of high-energy pulses that target and stimulate the affected area. This clinically proven therapy has produced brilliant results in treating a wide array of injuries and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Today, shockwave therapy in Calgary is a multidisciplinary treatment used in physiotherapy, sports therapy, orthopedics, and other medicinal fields. Shockwave therapy in physiotherapy does not cause any pain, but you might feel a slight discomfort in the early stages since the pulses are physical instead of electrical.

Benefits of Shockwave Therapy

Here are some compelling benefits of shockwave therapy:

  • Boosted metabolism and microscopic circulation within the treated area promote healing
  • Dissolution of calcific deposits in damaged tissue
  • Stimulation of osteoblasts – cells responsible for bone healing and production of new bones
  • Stimulation of fibroblasts – cells responsible for connective tissue healing
  • Diminished pain
  • Rapid healing of chronic soft-tissue injuries

What to Expect from Shockwave Therapy at Chinook Rehab

Chinook Rehab Centre offers unrivaled, effective shockwave therapy treatment in Calgary. We have certified physiotherapists who provide this non-surgical treatment to our clients. We offer shockwave therapy for back pain, heel pain, muscle sprains, spasms, cramps, hip pain, shin splints, frozen shoulder, and all sorts of musculoskeletal pain.

At Chinook, we use high-intensity sound waves to release energy into the affected area. It helps break down calcification and scar tissue and treats muscle pain and chronic tendon. This effective treatment takes about five to thirty minutes, depending on the severity of your injury and pain.

Shockwave therapy in Calgary is relatively painless, except for some level of discomfort. We can also adjust the intensity of the treatment based on the patient’s comfort level. Most of our patients quickly get used to the treatment and start enjoying it and the health benefits that it offers.  

Why Come to Chinook Rehab Centre for Shockwave Therapy

If you’re looking for the finest physiotherapists in Calgary, you will find them at chinook Rehab Centre. We don’t believe in just hiring the best in the business, but we also use the most high-tech equipment to facilitate the treatment of our patients. We have an unrivaled modern facility with a relaxing ambiance to help you on your road to recovery. We also believe in providing our patients with the best care possible, which includes positive reinforcement, open communication, and invaluable post-treatment guidance.


If you want proof of Chinook Rehab Centre’s reliability and the efficacy of our shockwave therapy treatment, read these testimonials from our satisfied patients!

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So, stop googling shockwave therapy near me and turn to Chinook Rehab Centre to benefit from the expertise of professional physiotherapists who can treat your injuries and relieve your pain and discomfort.

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