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Welcome to Chinook Rehab Centre – your go-to rehabilitation clinic for effective and affordable physiotherapy services in Calgary!

Also known as physical therapy, physiotherapy focuses on improving a person’s well-being, mobility, and recovery process. If you’re looking for physiotherapy services in Calgary, no one can offer the wide variety of excellent, reliable, and affordable services that chinook Rehabilitation Centre offers!

Physiotherapy or physical therapy is a treatment designed to improve an individual’s mobility, wellbeing, and recovery from an injury, including sports injuries, whiplash, motor vehicle accidents, and more. It involves multiple exercises and therapies that ensure the physical rehabilitation of your body while improving your balance, motor functions, and overall health.

At Chinook, we have the most skilled, trained, and certified physiotherapists to help you recover from your injuries and attain optimal health through a safe, natural, and relatively painless process.

Why Should You Consult a Physiotherapist?

Sometimes, the pain and discomfort you experience can be quite unbearable, making it difficult to navigate normally through daily life. Some people may experience chronic pain that impacts them every day, making it nearly impossible for them to move freely. In other cases, people require rehabilitation after having surgery, an accident, or a heart attack.

If you’ve experienced or are experiencing any of these scenarios, it is pivotal that you visit a physiotherapist and have them put your body in place.

Benefits of Physiotherapy

Consulting a physiotherapist will help ensure you receive the countless benefits of physiotherapy and ensure that you live a better, happier, and more functional life.

Here are some benefits of physiotherapy in Calgary.

Reduces Pain

If you’re experiencing pain in your back, arms, legs, shoulders, knees, or any other joints and bones due to any reasons, seeking physiotherapy can help reduce or even eliminate pain.

Helps Improve Mobility

Do you experience problems getting up from your bed or chair, walking around, or even in making specific movements? Physiotherapy can help improve all these functions. Physio includes stretching and other strengthening exercises that can restore one’s ability to move freely. Physiotherapists create customized individual care plans and help a person practice certain movements for optimal performance and safety.

Helps Avoid Surgery

If you’ve been in an accident or incident, you may have received orthopedic advice to get surgery. However, it is important to realize that surgery is not always the correct answer. A person must consult a valid physiotherapist to understand if a physio can solve their problems.

Improves Your Overall Balance and Prevents Falls

Lack of balance may seem unimportant, but that’s not true. Physiotherapy helps you recover your balance and prevent falls around the house. Once you begin physical therapy, you will be evaluated for fall risk. If you’re deemed to be at high risk for falls, your physiotherapist will recommend certain exercises that can improve your overall balance.

Helps Manage Women’s Health and Other Conditions

Women experience certain health problems, especially when it comes to pregnancy and post-partum care. Physiotherapists offer specialized services for the management of problems related to women’s health.

Manage Age-Related Issues

Aging can cause many health problems, such as arthritis or osteoporosis. Physiotherapists are skilled in helping patients recover from such conditions, making it easier for them to easily get through daily life.

Chinook Rehab Centre Offers Physiotherapy in Calgary

Chinook Rehab Centre has a team of skilled and experienced physiotherapists that can improve a patient’s mobility, health, and reduce the risk of injuries.

Our physiotherapists in Calgary not only treat your pain, but also assess the factors which contribute to the cause - an approach that helps reduce the risk of the reoccurrence of an injury.

If you’re looking for a physiotherapist in Calgary, call us now!