Suffered a fracture and now waiting for plaster removal? The wait can be agitating enough for some as one has to wait for a minimum of six weeks, if not more. Complex fractures can take longer to recover, and in many cases, they require surgical treatment.

Insertion of the metal rod becomes mandatory after major fractures. Patients suffering from this type of fracture suffer tremendous pain and no less agitation. Suffice to say that recovery and regaining your natural mobility may take more time than you think. Using the following methods will surely mobilize your joints like before:

  • Rotate Your Ankle

Are you experiencing a problem in moving your ankle? Limbs can take time to restore their movements. Physiotherapy and another exercise might help. To ensure your ankle moves properly, lift it a little, and rotate it both ways. Do this for ten reps in both directions. Continue this routine for at least a week, and you will notice improved mobility.

  • Thoracic Sweep

stand straight and put your arms at the side. Let your torso slowly fall to one side. Sweep your arms just before reaching the floor. Come back to a standing position and do this on the other side as well. Again, ten reps on each side will be enough.

  • Extending Your Hips

Stand straight, and lift one leg slowly. Raise the leg as high as you can. Bring it down once you have extended the leg to the maximum. Now bring down the leg but do it slowly to the ground. Repeat this with the other leg and raise it as high as you can. Maintain your balance by holding a chair, table, or a pole nearby.

  • Final Word

Be persistent with your exercise schedule until you notice enough movement in your joints. These should help you mobilize your joints to their natural position.