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Avail Excellent Motor Vehicle Accident Treatment at Chinook Rehabilitation Centre!

A motor vehicle accident (MVA) is a traumatic event that might also result in numerous injuries, including long-term joint and muscle pain. Due to the overwhelming stress and shock from the accident, you might not even feel the extent of your injuries until a day or two later, when you might experience discomfort and pain.

If you want to recover from your MVA quickly, without suffering from long-term injuries, you need to get physiotherapy treatment right away. At Chinook Rehabilitation Centre, we offer our patients the finest physiotherapy services in Calgary to help them recover from any injury sustained in a car accident.

We understand that an MVA is a complex event that leads to many hidden injuries. It’s why you should never brush off the accident and consider any injury to be minor. Untreated injuries from an MVA will result in a painfully long recovery period with enduring treatment.

Expected Injuries from an MVA

Typically, a motor vehicle accident can result in a wide array of injuries, including:

  • Concussions
  • Whiplash/Neck Pain
  • Headaches
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Muscle and Ligament Sprains
  • Fractures or twisted joints
  • Muscle tears and Tendinitis
  • TMJ pain
  • Cognitive Impairment & more

All of these injuries and accompanying symptoms can be treated, relieved, and managed with a comprehensive physical therapy plan.

What to Expect from Motor Vehicle Accident Treatment at Chinook Rehabilitation Centre

At Chinook Rehab Centre, you will have access to the finest physiotherapists and chiropractors who will offer you the best physiotherapy services in Calgary. We will assess your condition to identify the problems stemming from your MVA and formulate a customized motor vehicle accident treatment plan based on your specific symptoms.

Our MVA treatment recommendations include:

  • Functional exercises to restore your mobility
  • Various modalities to promote healing and pain control
  • Massage therapy for relaxation, pain control, and muscle healing
  • Occupational therapy to ensure seamless recovery at home and work
  • Concussion management of distinctive symptoms related to head injury, such as dizziness, sound sensitivity, neck pain, light sensitivity, after a motor vehicle accident
  • Manual motor vehicle accident physiotherapy therapy by our expert physiotherapists to restore joint mobility
  • Acupuncture to treat pain and target muscle trigger points
  • Bracing recommendations and accompanying treatment plan, depending on the extent of your injuries

Chinook Rehab Centre also offers effective whiplash treatment in Calgary. After all, we understand that an MVA can cause serious whiplash injuries and symptoms, including neck, shoulder, and lower back pain, as well as vertigo and dizziness.

Why Trust Us for Physiotherapy Services after a Motor Vehicle Accident

The physiotherapists at Chinook Rehab Centre have the experience, knowledge, and training needed to provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan for your motor vehicle accident injuries. We have an unrivaled state-of-the-art rehabilitation centre with all the latest tech and equipment needed to facilitate your recovery.

We believe in ensuring open, honest, and friendly communication with our patients and creating a positive and inspiring environment to quicken the recovery process. Our therapy rooms and gym space are designed to offer you a comfortable ambiance while you benefit from our impeccable physiotherapy services.

Together, we can work on your physical recovery for seamless rehabilitation from an MVA!

So, if you keep Googling, motor vehicle accident treatment, and whiplash treatment near me, you can finally stop looking. Turn to Chinook Rehab Centre to avail our customized motor vehicle accident physiotherapy plan.


If you want to build your trust in our motor vehicle accident physiotherapy services, read these spectacular reviews we have received from our recovered patients!

Motor Vehicle Accident Calgary Physiotherapy

Meeting with a motor vehicle accident is extremely painful. Especially when the body heals and you observe a lack of mobility, you feel helpless. This painful situation makes you both physically and mentally disturbed.

Every individual reacts to accidents differently. Some have greater tolerance, and some are discouraged badly. But one thing is sure, i.e., everyone needs the right treatment. Timely exercise or physiotherapy treatment can help you recover and stand back on your feet.

The physiotherapy experts at Chinook Rehab Centre Physiotherapy and Massage clinic Calgary recommend that you should not wait longer and get the right treatment within seven to ten days after a motor vehicle accident. Initially, a physiotherapist ensures that the treatment process goes smoothly, and you may soon recover from the internal injury.

We at Chinook Rehab center provide satisfying services that help you go through the treatment process smoothly and recover soon.

Injuries from Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA)

Motor vehicle accidents or car accidents may cause several injuries, which are dangerous and may disturb your mobility. The injuries include,

  • Whiplash
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Backpain
  • Neck Pain
  • Knee and Hip Pain
  • Dizziness or Vestibular Disorder
  • Jaw Pain


Whiplash is very common in all car accidents. Whether high-speed collisions or low-speed accidents, in both conditions, whiplash is going to happen.

Shoulder Pain

It’s a common injury that might happen as a part of a motor vehicle accident. Shoulder pain may lead to extreme pain in three bones that make up the shoulder. Some common injuries in shoulder pain include pinched nerves, torn rotator cuffs, and misplacement of the collar bone. However, people are more likely to face pain in the ribs and breast bone due to the seat belt pressure during the accident.


In normal conditions, back pain might be bearable. But after a car accident, the back pain may be extremely painful, which one cannot tolerate. We help people get back to walking with the right and smooth treatment. Our physiotherapy treatment will reduce back pain, improve mobility, and help you recover sooner.

Knee and Hip Pain

After a collision, you might face knee and hip pain due to the dashboard impact or the trauma that your body passes through. When your body experience slamming or jarring during the accident, it may disturb the alignment of your entire body. We provide results-driven physiotherapy treatment that efficiently puts the bone in the right alignment and allows you to recover sooner.

We understand how accidents affect your everyday life and disturb your routine activities. At Chinook Rehab Centre clinic, we understand how such accidents make you mentally stressed when you can’t perform basic routine tasks. We take it as our responsibility to provide the best treatment and care for our patients so that you may bounce back from crucial times and get back to your routine. We aim to provide the right physiotherapy treatment to help you live a life without pain.

Our professional team has registered physiotherapists and well-experienced health providers who have everything you need for fast physical recovery. We at Chinook Rehab Centre have a broad objective to provide knowledge and strength to each team member. We believe that investing time and strength in knowledge can result in efficient services and better results. Our objective is not only to invest in the ambiance of the clinic. But our purpose is to provide the best care services to our patients. Your recovery is and always will be our topmost priority. Our main goal is to provide you with amazing physical improvement.

Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment after Car Accidents

Our goal is to provide the best care you can get. Each patient is special to us. We at Chinook Rehab Centre aim to provide excellent physiotherapy treatment for you. Not just treatment but also educate the patients and their family members during and after the treatment. We feel grateful to share all the information you need and help you recover from brain injury.

After Car Accident

The most common injuries you may face after a car accident include neck damages and the upper spine. In addition, various other symptoms might take place, such as:

  • Pain in legs or arms
  • Headaches
  • Pain in joints and/or muscles

These symptoms occur when muscles, joints, and nerves get additional forces and movement due to the car accident. Sometimes, you may not feel the consequences immediately. You will feel pain and inflexibility after 7 to 10 days after the accident. Therefore, we suggest not to postpone your visit and get the treatment immediately.

Most people observe that their pain from spinal damage after the accident gradually reduces. But the chances are they may face discomfort after 6 to 18 months. We don’t assure you how long it does take to get back to a normal routine. But one thing we can confidently claim is that every physiotherapy treatment will provide improvement and treatment to your injuries. We put in our 100% effort to assist you in getting back to routine life, make you self-dependent, and recover soon.

90 Days after Accident or After your 21 Visits

The billing process changes when your physiotherapist requests additional treatment after 90 days of accident or 21 visits.

As per Alberta law, you need to utilize your own extended health care benefits rather than waiting for motor vehicle insurance to pay for your treatments. In case you don’t have extended healthcare benefits, the billing will go towards car insurance instead.

Extended health benefits include:

  • Your own insurance
  • Your spouse’s plan
  • Parent plan (below 18 years)

Your adjuster and physiotherapist will interact with each other. If the physiotherapist needs to extend the treatments, he will inform you about the number of visits. If additional massage therapy is recommended, the insurance company will only pay $250 on top of your coverage benefits.

Taking a hint from the Two Year Rule

Customers can reopen the claim the right to treatment from the date the accident occurred. To get the treatment, you need to provide proof that you never received a monetary treatment. If not, you are no longer eligible to avail of the two-year rule as it becomes invalid. This is where your adjustor comes in handy as he can approve your two-year treatment prior to request if you still suffer from the accident symptoms.

If you notice that the pain is reoccurring and is becoming worse, you can contact the adjustor even though you had the initial treatment the before 90 days post-accident. After learning about your condition that you need to go through the treatment, the adjustor might help you get the much needed physiotherapy. This is where we will require your information pertaining to your claim documented from the start of the file. The situation is called out of the protocol where the following terms may apply:

  • The clinic may contact your insurance company to ensure the request for payment and billing is approved.
  • Your injuries will be examined by our physiotherapist, who will then recommend a treatment plan
  • Your adjustor will receive the treatment plan for approval
  • We will utilize your personal benefits initially during any follow-up treatments. Afterwards, we will bill the remaining amount to your insurance company

Switching to Us as your current recommended provider

It is your right to choose a physiotherapy service that you wish to receive the treatment from. in case you were initially referred to another clinic, but now you want to switch to us, this might require you to oblige to the following rules:

  • Your adjustor must know that you plan to change the clinic
  • Inform us how many treatments you have received prior to switching to our service, or we might get in touch with your previous service to acquire info
  • We can get all the information about the treatment you received from your previous clinic
  • We can also help you to get your files from the previous clinic by contacting them with your consent

From Date of Accident To 90 Days After Accident

You are liable to report all motor vehicle related injuries to your insurance company within the 7 days of the accident. Insurance companies operating in the Alberta state cover the vehicle and passengers that was accidental.

At Chinook Rehab, we ask customers to provide us with the insurance provider’s name, claim number, number, and complete details of your adjustor.

Once you’ve provided us with all the details and required information, you will fill the AB-1 form that must be submitted to the insurance company before the 10th day of the accident. You can get the form from us in case you don’t have one just yet.

Before the commencement of your treatment, a chiropractor, a physiotherapist, or both will assess your injuries while acting as first reporters. Once your treatment is underway, at some point during the treatment, you will receive recommended massage therapy for specific injuries in addition to physiotherapy. You will receive both types of treatments while your injury recovery plan and goals are being discussed.

During the first visit, you will be assessed properly by the physiotherapist. At Chinook Rehab, we can charge the bill directly from your motor vehicle insurance provider during the first 9 days of the accident. One of our physiotherapists will classify your injury under one of the following categories:

  • WAD 1
  • WAD 2
  • WAD 3
  • WAD 4

Classification of the injury is important as it then helps our physiotherapists identify the type of treatment your injury might require. It also clears the confusion about the type of complexity of the injury. Out of all four categories, the WAD 2 is more common. This type of injury involves the neck, middle and lower portions of the spine. Once your report is written and sent to the adjustor, the treatment will be underway then and there.

In the Protocol of WAD 2 under Alberta legislation, you are entitled to 21 visits within 90 days of the accident. This may also include massage and physiotherapy treatment. Initial 7 visits will provide you will be billed from your insurance provider as a single bill at full rate. Afterwards, the following bills will during the 7 visits for massage and physio treatments. The billed time will be reduced to half for every visit according to the legislation of Alberta.

Simply put, your physio and massager will be booked together, and you will receive the treatment of the amount of time your physio spent on treating your injuries. Chinook Rehab wishes you a speedy recovery from your injuries, and we mean it. Our physios and massage therapists are at it so you can head back to your home healthy and normal. Coming back to visits, after the initial visits, every visit will count as 2 until you have 21 visits in total.

You can use these visits within the 90 days of the accident. If you haven’t used your 21 visits and the 90 days are over, there will be no extension, as your visits will also end as you are not out of the protocol.

Visit our clinic or give us a call if you wish to get the best accident treatment and rehab facility out there. Your diagnosis will be conducted during the first assessment, where we will send the documents on your behalf so that your treatment goes underway then and there.

Chinook Rehab – where we work to keep you safe and well!


Rehab For Car Accident

At Chinook Rehab Center of Physiotherapy and Massage Calgary, we are providers of rehab and car accident assessment in one hour max. Our assessment process starts by examining your overall condition, followed by a proper medical evaluation. Once completed, we review your medical history to make sure we suggest the best treatment plan without causing any complications.

Common treatment methods include options such as chiropractic care, acupuncture, and physiotherapy. 

Chinook Rehab emphasizes a proper medical assessment of a patient’s condition. We believe that proper assessment and diagnosis leads to excellent treatment and shorter patient recovery time.

Unlike common practice, our medical and rehab staff treat patients by hand, so they know where to apply the pressure for maximum impact. This leads to the right pressure applied at the right place, followed by faster recovery.

Try Chinook Rehab, and we will help you recover faster and better.

Contact Us for MVA Treatment

So, do you want to recover from your car accident and benefit from a wide array of reliable and effective physiotherapy services in Calgary? Let Chinook Rehab Centre help you! Our experienced and trained

physiotherapists can help alleviate your MVA injuries and provide you with a treatment plan that will help you on your road to recovery.

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