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A motor vehicle accident (MVA) is a traumatic event that might also result in numerous injuries, including long-term joint and muscle pain. Due to the overwhelming stress and shock from the accident, you might not even feel the extent of your injuries until a day or two later, when you might experience discomfort and pain.

If you want to recover from your MVA quickly, without suffering from long-term injuries, you need to get physiotherapy treatment right away. At Chinook Rehabilitation Centre, we offer our patients the finest physiotherapy services in Calgary to help them recover from any injury sustained in a car accident.

We understand that an MVA is a complex event that leads to many hidden injuries. It’s why you should never brush off the accident and consider any injury to be minor. Untreated injuries from an MVA will result in a painfully long recovery period with enduring treatment.

Expected Injuries from an MVA

Typically, a motor vehicle accident can result in a wide array of injuries, including:

  • Concussions
  • Whiplash/Neck Pain
  • Headaches
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Muscle and Ligament Sprains
  • Fractures or twisted joints
  • Muscle tears and Tendinitis
  • TMJ pain
  • Cognitive Impairment & more

All of these injuries and accompanying symptoms can be treated, relieved, and managed with a comprehensive physical therapy plan.

What to Expect from Motor Vehicle Accident Treatment at Chinook Rehabilitation Centre

At Chinook Rehab Centre, you will have access to the finest physiotherapists and chiropractors who will offer you the best physiotherapy services in Calgary. We will assess your condition to identify the problems stemming from your MVA and formulate a customized motor vehicle accident treatment plan based on your specific symptoms.

Our MVA treatment recommendations include:

  • Functional exercises to restore your mobility
  • Various modalities to promote healing and pain control
  • Massage therapy for relaxation, pain control, and muscle healing
  • Occupational therapy to ensure seamless recovery at home and work
  • Concussion management of distinctive symptoms related to head injury, such as dizziness, sound sensitivity, neck pain, light sensitivity, after a motor vehicle accident
  • Manual motor vehicle accident physiotherapy therapy by our expert physiotherapists to restore joint mobility
  • Acupuncture to treat pain and target muscle trigger points
  • Bracing recommendations and accompanying treatment plan, depending on the extent of your injuries

Chinook Rehab Centre also offers effective whiplash treatment in Calgary. After all, we understand that an MVA can cause serious whiplash injuries and symptoms, including neck, shoulder, and lower back pain, as well as vertigo and dizziness.

Why Trust Us for Physiotherapy Services after a Motor Vehicle Accident

The physiotherapists at Chinook Rehab Centre have the experience, knowledge, and training needed to provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan for your motor vehicle accident injuries. We have an unrivaled state-of-the-art rehabilitation centre with all the latest tech and equipment needed to facilitate your recovery.

We believe in ensuring open, honest, and friendly communication with our patients and creating a positive and inspiring environment to quicken the recovery process. Our therapy rooms and gym space are designed to offer you a comfortable ambiance while you benefit from our impeccable physiotherapy services.

Together, we can work on your physical recovery for seamless rehabilitation from an MVA!

So, if you keep Googling, motor vehicle accident treatment, and whiplash treatment near me, you can finally stop looking. Turn to Chinook Rehab Centre to avail our customized motor vehicle accident physiotherapy plan.


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