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Introduction to working with a Dietitian/Nutritionist in Calgary

Eating and drinking are pretty easy, right? It is something we do several times a day, every day, since the day we are born, no? Where food and “eating well” becomes tricky is when we are expected to prepare and eat “balanced, wholesome, and nutritious” meals and snacks while staying afloat balancing our other day-to-day challenges and packed schedules. It is because we typically live hectic lives juggling things like work, family life, and personal time that we put food on the back-burner (no pun intended). In doing so, we essentially prioritize all else over our own personal health and well-being.

So, how does a dietitian fit into all this and what do they actually do?

If you have ever been down the rabbit hole of what “healthy” eating looks like, your countless internet searches have likely left you wondering “when did food become so complicated?”. You are not alone. It is virtually impossible to find a clear answer about food when the internet is riddled with conflicting and confusing information about which diet to follow or which “superfood” to eat or not to eat. What the internet doesn’t tell you is that everyone is unique, which means that no two people have the same nutritional needs. For example, what may be considered “healthy” for a 30-year-old athlete may not be “healthy” for a 30-year-old pregnant woman.

Unlike what the title suggests, a dietitian doesn’t put people on strict cookie-cutter diets based on “forbidden” or “bad” foods. Instead, our knowledge about the food itself, what happens in the body when we eat, and the relationship between what we eat and common illnesses, gives us the amazing ability to help people make decisions about food that are more informed, more confident, and better suited to their specific needs.

In other words, dietitians seek to share their passion and knowledge about food, while considering your individual lifestyle, health, interests, and needs. We take an approach that integrates the science of food with the needs and goals that you bring to the table. Our goal is to help you gain a better understanding of food and how it relates to you so that you are armed with the information you need to prioritize your personal goals, health, and well-being.