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Physiotherapy in Calgary for Shoulder Pain


There are several reasons you may have a shoulder pain. You may have injured your Rotator Cuff being over enthusiastic at your volleyball match on Sunday. There might also be a strain on your shoulders tidying the garden, cleaning the house or merely napping in the wrong position. With us, you can get back on track by pursuing tasks that you want to, without any aches or discomfort. At Chinook Rehab Centre Physiotherapy Calgary, we skillfully look through your shoulder pain and support you in quick shoulder pain relief.

Shoulder Pain can be mentioned by various individuals in different ways:

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Reasons for Shoulder Pain:

Rotator Cuff injury

At Chinook Rehab Centre, we understand when shoulder pain arises. The most common indicator of rotator cuff tear arthropathy is a pain in and around the shoulder. The pain can also exude into your neck or arm and even into your wrist or hand.

The pain may worsen as you try to sleep at night and can interrupt your sleeping schedule, especially if you sleep on the affected shoulder.

The shoulder is usually predominantly painful when trying to lift the arm or rotate it outwards. If not looked after in the early stages, the pain can be serious and constant.

Shoulder injury signs

At Chinook Rehab Centre, we realize that the weakness of the shoulder due to arthropathy makes it hard, and almost intolerable, to lift the arm above your head. Often even initiating the lifting movement can be tough, and for this purpose, the inclination is to move your shoulder in the air to lift the arm part of the way.

With time, the feebleness of the rotator cuff muscles begins to get affected, and a variety of movements can become rather restricted. Daily routine tasks such as picking something up from behind your back, reaching into a cupboard, or washing your hair can become tough, along with shoulder pain.

You might feel a snapping or cracking impression approaching from your shoulder blade region along with shoulder pain, which progresses due to the reformed mechanism in this part of the shoulder. When there is stiffness of the glenohumeral joint, there is habitually an accompanying squeaking or harsh sound inside the joint.

Shoulder pain, Rotator cuff injuries, tendinosis, dislocation

Any associated soft tissue pathology neighboring glenohumeral ( Shoulder ) joint including but not limited to:

1) Impingement syndrome

2) Calcific tendinitis

3) Subacromial bursitis

4) Supraspinatus tendonitis

5) Bicipital tendonitis

The rotator cuff tendons offer a chief input to the dynamic steadiness of the glenohumeral joint by alleviating the humeral head inside the concavity of the glenoid, consequential in the compression force in the joint. During rotator cuff pathologies, the sense of balance amid the larger force produced by the deltoid muscle and the central inferior direction of the rotator cuff force duo is gone. The outcome is a reduction of joint reaction force and the alteration in the overall direction of the joint force that leads to an uneven glenohumeral joint with larger dislocation of the humeral head.

Resultant in shoulder Impingement-A shoulder impingement is the core extrinsic source of the RC tendinopathy. It occurs with mechanical compression of the tendon’s external portion (bursal side), which leads to inflammation and degeneration. Upon frequent manifestation, the coracoacromial ligament may get inflammation, lessening the subacromial space. Overdoing activities coupled with coracoacromial arch variations have an influential effect on tendon injury. Substantial associations have been established between acromion morphology, the patient’s self-reported shoulder role, and the seriousness of the RC pathology.

Ensuing in subacromial bursitis-Muscle shortfalls, soft tissue tautness, and irregular positions impact shoulder kinematics. Feebleness or dysfunction of the rotator cuff muscles can establish a condition leading to Sub Acromial Impingement Syndrome due to a slender Subacromial Space. There is a bigger humeral head modification and reduced abduction torque when RC muscles have condensed force, especially infraspinatus. The RC tendinopathy is seen in people with substantial diminutions in muscle peak isometric, eccentric, and concentric torque when equated to those without these arrears. Reduced muscle co‐stimulation proportions between subscapularis, infraspinatus, and supraspinatus throughout the first 30 degrees of arms raise and a rise at above 90 degrees was perceived in patients displaying impingement in comparison to the control group with no impingement

Consequential in bad posture and movement irregularities. People with impingement are believed to have compensational movement patterns that release the firmness and surge the subacromial space.

Capsular dyskinesis in focusses with the RC tendinopathy has been conjectured to comprise aberrant scapular and the RC neuromuscular activation and muscle performance, thoracic kyphosis, pectoralis minor shortening, and posterior shoulder tightness. A reduced pectoralis minor muscle at rest has been circuitously associated with the RC tendinopathy, functional deficits, and pain. This is once more believed to be ascribed to irregular scapular kinematics. Concerning the RC tendinopathy, it was realized that the Serratus anterior and lower Trapezius muscles establish compact muscle force and performance.

Resultant in Tendinopathy– Tendons must be able to holder tensile loads, and their capability to do so relies on Type 1 collagen. Still, a crucial feature of tendinopathy can be seen through collagen structure investigation by displaying the interruption of tendon microarchitecture, which aids in comprehending the answer to flexible volumes of cyclic loading. The procedure commences with tendonitis, then develops to tendinosis with deterioration and partial viscosity tears, and finally, to full-thickness tears.

Ensuing in AC joint degeneration -The AC joint could be another contributory influence. Over a period, these joint reprobates and osteophytes can form on the inferior aspect of the distal clavicle. These arthritic indicators have been associated with the attendance of the RC pathology. The branches are labeled an enthesopathy and are believed to form from a coracoacromial ligament sprain. These outgrowths may also be a tributary formation after tolerating a bursal‐side RC tear.

Ensuing in additional blood flow, tendinosis, and rupture. Reduced microvascular blood flow has been deliberated as a likely source of the inherent pathology, but it can also originate from an extrinsic reason. For example, the decrease in perfusion may be substantial when the arm is in complete abduction, and the humeral head treads the supraspinatus.

Resultant in dislocation The scapulohumeral rhythm moves the scapula throughout the arm elevation. Most of the subsequent tilting occurred after the 90° elevation, but as the arm is not uplifting correctly beyond 90°, the subsequent tilting of the scapula is affected along its long axis. It can also be affected so that it can result in deterioration of the acromioclavicular joint. Usually, the scapular strength upsurges joint steadiness by engaging the glenoid fossa below the humeral head, acting as a steady base for the glenohumeral operation. When debilitated, rotator cuff muscles that operate as dynamic stabilizers to the humeral head would generate an additional strain for the stationary shoulder stabilizers, that is, a capsule and ligaments, which surges the chance of the displacement in the future. Due to the rotator cuff muscle feebleness and inharmonious scapular instant because of the exhausted scapular muscles must put the cuff muscles at even additional drawback. The mixture of the abnormal scapulothoracic rhythm distress, the Levator scapula, and Upper Trapezius, fashioning Myofascial trigger points and painful nodes.

Disclaimer: Kindly note the above information is projected for spreading knowledge and should not be perceived as any guide, such as specialized, medical, legal, health, financial, or emotional assistance. This blog encompasses the writer’s views and does not mirror the views of any establishments that may be associated. The data offered is correct and factual to the best of the author’s knowledge, but there can be mistakes, or faults. Please check in with an alternate expert’s opinion before taking a step forward.

Shoulder Ache Management

Our team at Chinook Rehab Centre, Physiotherapy Calgary Shoulder Pain management program will deliberate your history with you and regulate how the damage happened. We might recommend a variation of management possibilities such as Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Massage, or Shockwave treatment. We may also propose diverse sleeping positions or exercises to assist, contingent on your wound at Chinook Rehab Physiotherapy Calgary.

Shoulder Pain Movements:

We offer our customers an extensive variety of exclusively personalized exercise plans with limitless access to audio-visual instructions. If you would like to know more, please call: 587-392-7777 OR EMAIL: or visit us at unit: 103, 5940 Macleod Trail SW, Calgary- T2H 2G4.

Please note: Our website is for data determinations only. Please do not self-diagnose or challenge yourself to get treatment with knowledge initiated on this website. Any actions we may suggest should at all times be executed by a trained Physician.

Omega 3 Fats And Chronic Back Pain – Is There A Link

Omega 3 Fats And Chronic Back Pain – Is There A Link?

Back pain can be excruciatingly painful, and chronic back pain is too much to bear. Patients suffering from back pain would do anything to get rid of it. Visiting a chiropractor is a step in the right direction. After thoroughly examining you, the chiropractor will adjust your spinal cord to ensure that it works just fine. This will induce some pain, but you should bear it as the treatment will lead to recovery.

  • Does Omega -3 Work?

Don’t be surprised if your chiropractor recommends one or more food supplements. Sometimes chiropractors do this as they ultimately want patients to get rid of their pains for good. Food supplements that are rich in Omega -3 are best for patients suffering from chronic back pain. These supplements prove beneficial in suppressing other conditions as well. Omega – 3 is abundantly found in fishes.

Fish oil comes from the tissues of oily fish such as herring, white fish, salmon, and sardines. The oil contains high content of Omega – 3 that must be used with caution. Direct consumption of fish oil is not recommended, which is why physicians and chiropractors recommend supplements. Include Omega – 3 based food supplements in your daily diet will give proven benefits. Consistent use will reduce pain and gradually

  • Caution

Despite the benefits, fish oil must be used with caution. The oil is concentrated, so you must not directly consume it. Make sure not to use fish oil on your own unless recommended by a physician or a chiropractor. Use food supplements that are rich in Omega – 3 but only when your chiropractor recommends it.


Knowing the benefits of Omega – 3 for patients, especially those suffering from chronic back pain, it is best to include it in your daily menu, but only when your chiropractor recommends it.

Professional Chiropractors In Calgary - What You Should You Know

Professional Chiropractors In Calgary – What You Should You Know

A cursory look online reveals that they can access professional chiropractors nearby. The percentage is higher compared to some other regions of the world. If you are a Calgary resident and have been experiencing excruciating pain, then vising a chiropractor is the logical thing to do. Your chiropractor can use many tricks and methods to make you feel at ease. Your chiropractor in Calgary will properly examine you before recommending the type of treatment you may need. Here is more on this:

  • Should You Visit?

If this is your first visit, then you may be a bit nervy about visiting the chiropractor. This is natural and happens to nearly all first time visitors. The next step should help you gather the courage and explain the problem to the chiropractor. Keep in mind that a chiropractor can remove pain from your spine, neck, and bones, among other things, without putting you in pain. All you have to do is to find a reputable chiropractor nearby.

  • Do Chiropractors Help?

Truth to be told, chiropractors not only help, but they use their skills and experience to rectify the problem forever. You will never overcome your backpain unless you let a chiropractor treat you. The chiropractor will administer it, identify the area where you may be experiencing pain, and adjust it using safe methods when you do. As a professional practitioner, he knows how painful it can be for the patient if something goes wrong. That is why professional chiropractors plan their treatment sessions.

  • The Verdict

Knowing how useful a chiropractor can be, you must start planning a visit right away. Make sure to do your surveys and ask people to help you find a suitable professional chiropractor in Calgary.

Planning A Consultation Session With Your Chiropractor

Planning A Consultation Session With Your Chiropractor

Would you leave your knee or neck pain unattended? You shouldn’t, and the best course of action is to visit a chiropractor. Before you do, make sure that you have some basic knowhow on chiropractors. They are qualified professionals having experience in administering and rectifying pain in joints, ligaments, and muscles.

Know a few things before scheduling a consultation session with your chiropractor. It will help you learn more about your body. In case the pain erupts suddenly, you will be able to administer it at home. Here is more on this:

  • The First Session

The first thing to do is to sit confidently and relax. The chiropractor will better understand your problem when you explicitly it to him. Hide nothing, and discuss the problem in detail. The more your chiropractor will know about the problem, the better the treatment.

  • Discuss Payment Options

Would you prefer to keep payment options after the session? It is best to discuss this when the session begins as it clarifies all the details. It will help you decide if this professional is within your budget. Always keep your options open and take another opinion on your injury. Doing this will help you decide which of the two works best for you, budget wise.

  • The Treatment Plan

Every patient comes with different problems. Realizing this, chiropractors work on personalized plans for each patient. These work best under most conditions, and patients recover quickly. In addition to this, chiropractors urge patients to practice aerobics daily. Light exercises are also preferred for patients as they allow them to recover quickly.

  • The Verdict

The moment you start to feel pain, plan to visit the chiropractor the same day. Remember, the delay is not an option as it will only worsen your condition.

Dealing With Sports Related Injuries Using An Experienced Therapy Service

Dealing With Sports-Related Injuries Using An Experienced Therapy Service

Injuries can occur due to many reasons. For sportspersons and athletes, an injury can be agonizing for many reasons. Suffering an injury is troubling enough to pour dreadful thoughts into the mind of the athlete. Worse, some injuries can be career threatening. At times, even minor injuries can end player’s careers if left unattended. It’s a struggle that no player wants to go through, but accidents, tumble, and injures can happen. Here is how you can effectively deal with injuries and continue your career:

  • Overcoming Physical Injury

When you suffer an injury, the first thing to do is to find a physician, likely a specialist. Your physician will identify the type and nature of the injury. The proper examination will lead to identifying the extent of the injury. The deeper the injury, the more time you will take to recover. The external injury requires healing of the wound. The physician will give medicines that heal the injury and stop bleeding.

Post injury physiotherapy is a must that will restore your muscular movement properly. Athletes recovering from single or multiple fractures always need physiotherapy services. They may need to attend extended therapy sessions until they are fully recovered. This may take a month or two, and even three in some cases.

For internal injuries, it is best to find physiotherapists or chiropractors. These professionals will administer the injury and ensure that you are fully recovered.

  • Mental Recovery

You may have physically recovered from the injury, but are you mentally ready to be on the ground again? Even though your body is ready, your mind is not as it requires more attention. This is where a psychologist will harness the power of your mind.

Final Word

Timely treatment is the key. Physicians and psychologists said that taking the treatment and doing what your therapy services will take you back to the field. Soon, you will be performing just as well as you did before the injury.


Dos And Don’ts Of Acupuncture Therapy To Ensure Speedy Recovery

Acupuncture is one of the oldest treatment methods in the world. It is a regular component of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Acupuncture therapy is found to be beneficial in many ways. It involves the use of sterilized, small and disposable, purpose made needles. The needles pierce the surface of the skin to the desired depth.

The depth and location of needles may vary depending on the type of injury. Known as Meridians, these are channels inside the body. Acupuncture requires skill, knowledge, and precision. This suggests that you should only take the therapy from a reputable therapist. Here is more:

  • Dos

Acupuncture therapy proves beneficial in many ways. One of the best known benefits of this therapy is that it is found to be helpful against a variety of conditions. It is equally beneficial against physical and mental illness, disorders and stress. A professional therapist provides proper therapy using best practices. It is best to do proper research before hiring a therapist. Ensure to find a therapist nearby, so you get the treatment early.

  • Don’ts

Make sure not to move around when taking acupuncture therapy. Moving your body with inserted needles may lead t injury. Avoid doing multiple tasks when taking the treatment. Avoid taking treatment with an empty stomach. Likewise, avoid the treatment after taking a heavy meal. Keep away from intoxication and substance abuse during treatment. Smoking after the therapy session will result in slowing down your body’s healing power.

Avoid swimming or soaking your body in water for at least two hours. Make sure not to take too much stress on your mind after the treatment.

Final Word

Following these will protect you during and after the therapy session. Practice precaution and experience the actual benefits of acupuncture therapy.

Massage Therapy

6 Ways A Massage Therapy Service Ensures Better Health

When was the last time you attended a massage therapy session? If that happened a long time ago, now is the time to book more. After all, who doesn’t like a massage? They make you feel great, energetic, and relaxed. Frequent massage sessions make you feel positive. They are great stress relievers, so you feel light and calm each time you attend a session. Here is how your massage therapy service ensures your health:

  • Eases Pain During Medical Treatments

Patients that are going through painful medical treatment procedures should attend massage therapy sessions. The therapy is known for benefitting patients suffering from chronic diseases or even cancer. Studies suggest that therapy works wonderfully well for such patients. They feel relaxed and experience less pain after a therapy session. Some patients also claim to experience relief in cancer-related symptoms such as nausea, anxiety, depression, and fatigue.

  • Removes Headaches

Massage works well against headaches and reduces tension. Frequently attending massage sessions can miraculously reduce migraine related headaches among patients.

  • Best For Pregnant Women

Massage sessions are known to work well against pregnancy pains. For instance, prenatal massage works best against pregnancy pains. They also reduce pain and considerably reduce the duration of labor.

  • Keeps You Youthful

Massage vitalizes your body and ensures the proper circulation of blood. This allows nutrients to enter your cells easily. Rubbing can work wonderfully well for keeping you youthful and healthy.

  • Makes You Sleep Better

With a relaxed mind and body after each therapy session, you go to sleep straight away. This is because therapy removed stress and fatigue, both of which can keep you awake longer.

  • Enhances Immune System

Regularly taking massage therapy can enhance your immune system. It does so by reducing cholesterol levels in the body that protects killer cells. A revitalized immune system having more cells to defend the body keeps you healthy and protected.

Start looking for massage therapy services and book a session right away.

Top Benefits of Acupuncture

Top Benefits of Acupuncture

The stress of our modern lives can make us feel more burnt out than our ancestors did. Acupuncture can help lift some of that stress. If you’re completely new to this healing process, acupuncture may seem a bit scary. After all, how can pressing needles into the skin possibly help you feel better? Sounds crazy. Right? Well, that’s simply not true.

Let’s take a look at some of the key health benefits of acupuncture.

What is Acupuncture and How it Works

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine practice that is thousands of years old. It’s based on the theory that a blockage in the flow of the body’s ‘qi’ or life energy can result in health issues. Acupuncturists insert fine needles to specific points throughout the body to mend the flow of qi, thereby stimulating healing and promoting relaxation.

Helps Ease Lower Back Pain

According to research published in the Annals of Internal Medicine in 2017, acupuncture has been associated with reduced back pain and improved function immediately after a procedure. It shows that acupuncture is effective for acute back pain.

Lowers the Frequency of Migraines

Acupuncture is also reported to help reduce the frequency of migraines in patients. A study in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews reveals that adding acupuncture as a treatment option for migraines may reduce the frequency of its episodes.

Reduces Knee Pain

Several studies suggest that acupuncture improves physical function in people with severe knee pain resulting from osteoarthritis. A review published in JAMA Surgery shows that acupuncture helped delay the intake of opioid medication in patients to relieve pain.

All in All

Acupuncture has multiple health benefits. As further research emerges on this topic, hopefully, it can gain more traction.

Methods To Efficiently Mobilize Your Joints After A Fracture

Methods To Efficiently Mobilize Your Joints After A Fracture

Suffered a fracture and now waiting for plaster removal? The wait can be agitating enough for some as one has to wait for a minimum of six weeks, if not more. Complex fractures can take longer to recover, and in many cases, they require surgical treatment.

Insertion of the metal rod becomes mandatory after major fractures. Patients suffering from this type of fracture suffer tremendous pain and no less agitation. Suffice to say that recovery and regaining your natural mobility may take more time than you think. Using the following methods will surely mobilize your joints like before:

  • Rotate Your Ankle

Are you experiencing a problem in moving your ankle? Limbs can take time to restore their movements. Physiotherapy and another exercise might help. To ensure your ankle moves properly, lift it a little, and rotate it both ways. Do this for ten reps in both directions. Continue this routine for at least a week, and you will notice improved mobility.

  • Thoracic Sweep

stand straight and put your arms at the side. Let your torso slowly fall to one side. Sweep your arms just before reaching the floor. Come back to a standing position and do this on the other side as well. Again, ten reps on each side will be enough.

  • Extending Your Hips

Stand straight, and lift one leg slowly. Raise the leg as high as you can. Bring it down once you have extended the leg to the maximum. Now bring down the leg but do it slowly to the ground. Repeat this with the other leg and raise it as high as you can. Maintain your balance by holding a chair, table, or a pole nearby.

  • Final Word

Be persistent with your exercise schedule until you notice enough movement in your joints. These should help you mobilize your joints to their natural position.

Chiropractor Service

Understanding The Need To Hire A Chiropractor Service

Experiencing pain in joints after a long and tiring day of work? Likely, your body is tiring beyond recovery. Now is the time to hire a chiropractor service that is reputed and experienced. The credentials of the service matter, so make sure that you for a service that is well-known.

A chiropractor can relieve you from agitating and often unbearable pain. The best part about this service is that the pain goes away for good once they start treating you. Here is why you will need to hire a chiropractic service:

  • Eliminates The Risk Of Opioid Abuse

Patients who suffer from chronic pains are likely to rely on pain relievers. Many of these are opioids, and repeated consumption raises the possibility of opioid abuse. The easy way out is to visit a chiropractor and book a session. The service will not only relieve you of the pain it will also eliminate chances of opioid abuse.

  • Eliminates Neck Pain

Neck pain commonly occurs among people, especially employees who sit in the wrong posture for many hours. Bending your neck while talking on the phone or working on the laptop often causes neck pain. The pain can be agitating and agonizing, not to mention unbearable. Visiting the chiropractor is the only plausible solution in this case. The practitioner will relieve you from the pain.

  • Back Pain

Chronic back pain can be painful and may render the person useless. The pain reoccurs and often becomes unbearable. Invasive procedures like injections and surgery can relieve the pain, but these are useful against short term chronic pain.

A chiropractor can relieve the pain using different methods. The most common is to manipulate the spine. Exercise, acupuncture, and Yoga also relieve the pain.

  • Effective Against Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a condition that leads to rubbing your joints together due to cartilage degeneration. The state can induce a lot of pain as it becomes unbearable at times. Chiropractic sessions can help reduce and, in many cases, eliminate the pain. Some procedures lead to realigning of joints. This dramatically reduces the rubbing of joints.